Adult Men & Women Shoe Size Conversion Table

If you are an international customer and wants to know what your U.S. shoe size is, please look up our Shoe Size Conversion Table.

Do you carry shoes in Size 5 and Size 11?

Whenever we have the opportunity to order size 5 or size 11 we do. Unfortunately, many of our suppliers do not offer size 5 or 11 in their shoes. We do get many requests to carry these sizes and do our best to offer them whenever they are available.

How do I know if the shoes I order will fit me?

We do our best to give you recommendations on how each shoe tends to fit. These notes are located on the details page of each shoe. Please read carefully! It will save you from having to return the shoes for an exchange if you know ahead of time how a particular shoe tends to fit. However, we can never guarantee that a shoe will fit. Everyone’s feet are different and all shoes tend to fit differently. We can only give you recommendations based on the feedback we get from our customers. If for some reason we do not have this information listed on one of the shoes you are interested in, please feel free to contact us at by email to find out.

Do you carry narrow or wide widths?

We do not offer narrow or wide widths at this time. All of our shoes are available in a standard medium width. What if the size or color I want to order does not show up in the drop down choices?

If you do not see the color or size that you are looking for in the drop down choices then it is out of stock and not available. Some items may be on backorder and others may be out of stock for good. You may contact us by email if you want to find out if a particular item will be available again in the future.